October 2019 ‒ June 2020

Within the project Growing up with Art, the Gallery of Matica srpska organizes a special programme for parents and their babies in order to provide them a joint quality leisure time with culture and art. The programme includes free entrance for families on Tuesdays and concerts of classical music once a month (at 11 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.), done in cooperation with the Music Youth of Novi Sad and the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, and with the support of Telenor Foundation.

During previous school year, when the Gallery opened its doors for the youngest visitors, over thousand babies from Novi Sad entered the magical world of art and classic music, before they even made their first steps. In the new season of music concerts from October 2019, the musicians of Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra will continue to conduct carefully selected classical compositions tailored for babies.

Traditionaly, once a month the space of the Gallery gets a new appearance – the entrance hall becomes a parking for baby strollers and the Big hall is transformed in the music hall where babies can freely enjoy in the most beautiful classical compositions and assist the musicians by their lound steps, cry, first words and claps.

Every baby recieves a gift ‒ a Memory Journal Baby in the Gallery. The First Steps with Art prepared in order to record and save the precious memories of the first encounters of babies with culture and art. After the concert, parents can also enjoy in interative activities – they can leave a color mark of their palm on canvas, or take a photo in front of the special billboard, creating a memory of their baby’s first visit to the Gallery. These unique artworks will be specially displayed in the last concert of the season in 2020, so we can together enjoy watching how our youngsters are growing up with art.

Beside concerts of classic music, the Gallery adjusted its space to the needs of mothers with children, equipped with a baby nursing chair, a baby changing table and toys in the Children's Room. Every Tuesday the entrance for parents with babies to the Gallery is free of charge.

Let your babies discover together with you the world of pictures and sounds!



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