Photographs of Felix Nadar
13th of September – 17th of November 2019

The Gallery of Matica srpska, the National Gallery of Photography Jeu de Paume from Paris and the French Institute in Serbia, in cooperation with Mediatheque for architecture and heritage of the  Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France, organized a photography exhibition of the famous French photographer, Felix Nadar. Photographic portraits by Nadar present the most famous people of French and European art and culture and, in the same time, are testimonies to the 19th century history, depicting an extraordinary portrait of an epoque. Along with 41 photographs from France, the exhibition presents one special photograph – a portrait of Milan Obrenović from the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

The versatile personality of Felix Nadar tranformed photography into art and combined art and technology, leaving a valuable legacy for his contemporaries. Looking at the photographs of Charles Baudlaire, Edouard Mane, Jules Verne, Victor Hugo or Sarah Bernard, we are challenged to believe in the spark of recognizable, like in a moment of meeting a well known friend. Herein lies the value of Felix Nadar’s art photographs. The audience can see the exhibition in the Gallery of Matica srpska and get acquainted with Nadar, as a photographer, writer, charicaturists and adventurer.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held on Friday, the 13th of September at 8.00 p.m. and the opening spechees were given by Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, PhD, the director of the Gallery of Matica srpska and Mrs. Frédérique Mehdi, program director of the Jeu de Paume, while the exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Nicola Faye, first advisor to the Embassy of the Republic of France in Serbia.

The curators of the exhibition are: Laure Veron, curator of Jeu de Paume, Jelena Ognjanović, curator of the Gallery of Matica srpska and Dubravka Lazić, PhD, professor of photography at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

The exhibition is accompanied by a Serbian-French catalogue with texts by Jelena Ognjanović and Dubravka Lazić.

The personality and creativity of  Felix Nadar inspired many historians of art, literature and culture and professors of photography to present the 19th century European culture through the variety of lectures, interpretations and workshops for children and young people, organized on Fridays and Saturdays.



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