4th of October, 2019, Bar, Montenegro

This year's Živa award conference organized by International foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSC) took place in Bar, Montenegro at King Nicholas' Castle, where the best Slavic museums were rewarded with prestigious honors. Among twenty-five museums from twelve Slavic countries, the Gallery of Matica srpska was honored with a special Recognition for Leadership, while the main prize for the best Slavic museum was given to the Museum of Political History from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

„The Živa Award is an important transnational cultural platform that improving dialogue, communication and networking, promoting the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences in the field of museum work and public engagement, and encouraging, at the same time, innovations, creativity, participation and inclusion“, said Andreja Rihter, director of the Forum of Slavic Cultures and added that over six years of its existence, this award has brought together more than 115 museums. Let us remember that The Gallery of Matica srpska was the first winner of the main Živa Award for the best Slavic museum, in 2014.

As pointed out in the Recognition for Leadership, the Gallery of Matica srpska has become the leading art museum in the region, standing out, compared to other museum institutions, by numerous collaborations, good communication and a clear mission and goals. By its actions and good strategy, the Gallery promotes innovative projects that contribute to positive changes in cultural and social sectors. Also, the Gallery develops local, regional and national connections, initiating a wide variety of collaborations through projects and exchanges of expert experiences, both in Serbia and abroad.


The Forum of Slavic Cultures is a platform for intercultural dialogue of Slavic cultures and a center for connecting Slavic countries in the fields of art and culture, education, science and cultural tourism. The main role of FSC is to preserve and revitalize the Slavic cultural identity by recognizing and financing initiatives for cultural projects and cultural tourism exchanges and visits, from all Slavic-speaking countries, seeking actively for suitable partners in all countries. FSC organizes numerous festivals, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and other events that represent the Slavic cultural heritage and creativity.



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