March 6th – August 23rd , 2020

The exhibition of the Gallery of Matica srpska Inspired by Italy had its premiere in 2019 in the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade, in the occasion of the celebration of 140 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and Serbia, and 10 years of strategic partnership between two countries. With the idea to present artworks that testify the relations between Serbian and Italian Art to the audience in Novi Sad, the exhibition Inspired by Italy was opened in the Gallery of Matica srpska on the 6th of March 2020, in cooperation with the Italian Institute for Culture and with the support of the DDOR Life Insurance company. At the opening ceremony, speeches were held by dr Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, the Director of the Gallery of Matica srpska, Paola Cordone, the Director of the Italian Institute for Culture and Giorgio Marchegiani, the chairman of the Executive Board of the DDOR Life Insurance company. At the opening ceremony, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the artworks inspired by Italy and the music of Italian canzones, performed by Aleksandar Dujin Orchestra.

The exhibition Inspired by Italy is dedicated to Serbo-Italian cultural and artistic relations and Serbian artist who discovered models and inspirations for their work in the artistic heritage of Italy. The selected works of art from the collection of the Gallery of Matic srpska present the visual experiences of Serbian artists ‒ Aksentije Marodić, Jeftimije Popović, Jovan Popović, Novak Radonić and Pavle Simić. Besides the copies from the Italian masters Parmigianino, Guido Reni, Pompeo Batoni which were created during their study visits in European centres of art and/or in Italy, in the exhibition are displayed drawings of Italian cities and landscapes, as well as graphic prints of foreign artist made according to Raffaello, Titian and Annibale Carracchi.

Thanks to the artworks presented at the exhibition, the audience has the opportunity to get introduced with the Italian art indirectly, but also to discover how it reflected on the education of Serbian artists who studied or just visited Italy and improved their artistic skills in front of Italian masters. Perfecting and enriching their artistic hand, Serbian artists brought new ideas and motifs in Serbian art thanks to Italy and its Art. Encouraged by new visual experience and ideas they built a relationship between Serbian national heritage and cultural heritage of Europe, therefore bringing Serbian art in new European artistic flows.

The exhibition is complemented by a catalogue with texts in Serbian and Italian language, as well as with reproductions of the exhibited artworks from the collection of the Gallery of Matica srpska. The author and curator of the exhibition is Stanislava Jovanović Mindić, curator of the Gallery.

During the exhibition, the Gallery organizes a rich accompanying programme: guided tours, lectures, educational programmes and creative workshops for children and youth.

The exhibition is opened until the 23rd of August 2020.

The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia made possible the realisation of this exhibition, with the great support of the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade and the DDOR Life Insurance company.



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