Monology of Danilo Vuksanović
October, 24th 2020 – January, 17th 2021

Celebrating of The Day of the Gallery of Matica srpska, the exhibition Matrix. Monology of Danilo Vuksanović has been opened, presenting the collection of matrixes seen through the eyes of a contemporary artist Danilo Vuksanović. The author questions the life of museum objects and points out the importance of symbols of past as models for artistic creation in present time, merging and opening a space for uninterrupted communication and connection between past and present.

Danilo Vuksanović, a painter, a conservator-restorer, and a museum thinker, as a starting point of his doctoral thesis exhibition, chose an unknown and not classified collection of matrixes from the Gallery’s fund. Dedicated to research of  the life of museum objects, his display, presentation and ways of making communication with the audience, as well as processes of the creation of contemporary artworks through a dialogue with past, he created unique exhibition Matrix, presenting his observations, reflections and perceptions in public.

Besides original matrixes, thematically connected with the history, the achievements, and the work of Matica srpska, the exhibition displays its reinterpretations – new artworks created in the process of equations and appropriations. A central showpiece is a matrix of the drawing by Uroš Predić, presenting a caricature of Laza Kostić, and from both sides depictions of famous people (Sava Tekelija, Franja Malin, Uroš Predić i Sava Šumanović) and the most representative artworks from the Gallery’s collection (St. Sava with Serbian Saints from the House of Nemanjići, Virgin Marry from Sivac Monastery, Virgin Marry from Bezdin Monastery) are presented. The exposed paintings, objects, drawings, animation/music, installation of the lockers for matrixes, show materialized and reflexive comments, which do not imitate the basic picture of the matrix as a carrier of image information. These artworks are references, supplements, new readings of old meanings, but also reanimations of secondary forms of masterpieces.

The doctoral exhibition Matrix. Monology of Danilo Vuksanović strives to overvalue the “unacknowledged” museum collection by artistic means, to reconsider the processes of transmission and creation of narratives and ideas in the museum and artistic context, and to point out by its intermedial concept that in the contemporary art, sovereign authorship in traditional sense has actually gone.

During the exhibition, accompanying programme will be presented through guided tours and lectures, in order to introduce the idea and the collection itself seen through contemporary art to wider audience.

The realisation of the exhibition was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.



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