Exhibition of children’s works

The Gallery of Matica Srpska is hosting an exhibition of children’s works Growing Up in the City of Culture, created as a result of the educational program for children My City. Art Stories of Novi Sad. During the entire school year, children from kindergartens and primary schools visited the Gallery and discovered interesting art stories about Novi Sad, so that they can, as the youngest citizens of Novi Sad walk the streets of the City with pride and knowledge. After visiting the Gallery, together with art pedagogues, educators and teachers, the children recorded their observations and experiences through drawings and paintings, now displayed in the exhibition. Almost a thousand children presented famous personalities of Novi Sad, such as mister Jova Zmaj and Svetozar Miletić, green oases such as the Danube and Kamenica Park, but also recognizable city symbols Petrovaradin Fortress, City Hall, Matica Srpska and many others.

Children from kindergartens of the preschool institution “Radosno detinjstvo”: Novosađanče, Vilenjak, Guliver, Vendi, Veverica, Veseli vrtić, Bubamara, Čarolija, Lasta Čenej, Maslačak, Kolibri and Veseli vozić, kids from private kindergartens: Maštolend, Speak Up, Duga, Madagaskar, Dreamland, Bambino, Sunđer Bob i Patrik, Delfin, Zemlja čuda, Kermit and Familija, as well as elementary school students: Miloš Crnjanski, Đura Daničić and Žarko Zrenjanin, participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition is the final result of a joint Novi Sad artistic adventure that all Novi Sad citizens will be able to enjoy from May 7 to June 19.

The exhibition is realized within the program arch Future of Europe of the European Capital of Culture, and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the City Council for Culture, as well as the Foundation “Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture”.


Starts: 07. May 2022.
Ends: 19. June 2022.



Free entry
  • Suitable for: All ages