The voice of young people is important to every museum and that is why they are all welcome to join our Youth Club. Founded in 2019, when Novi Sad proudly carried the title of the Youth Capital of Europe, and on the occasion of two successfully realized projects for young people, the Museology for Beginners and COOLture through Novi Sad. Today, the GMS Youth Club has 26 members who, with their creative ideas and skills, create projects and programs for their peers in the Gallery of Matica Srpska.

If you are between 14 and 19 years of age, interested in arts and want to spend your free time in a quality way, join the Club and together with your peers, create a culture “of your own”.

By joining our Club you will:

  • Make new friends
  • See what opportunities and a wide range of jobs the cultural sector offers,
  • Develop creativity and a critical thinking towards the arts and culture, and cultural heritage.

Apply via the form or by e-mail

    Members of the GMS Youth Club

    Ivana Nikolić, School of Economy „Svetozar Miletić”

    Miloš Broćeta, Grammar School „Isidora Sekulić”

    Marija Murgaški, Grammar School „Isidora Sekulić”

    Anica Čerevicki, Grammar School „Isidora Sekulić”

    Arijana Davidović, School for Design „Bogdan Šuput”

    Lola Kostić, School for Design „Bogdan Šuput”

    Teodora Nikodijević, School for Design „Bogdan Šuput”

    Milica Stevanović, School for Design „Bogdan Šuput”

    Sofija Petrović, School for Design„Bogdan Šuput”

    Maksim Vojvodić, Grammar School „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”

    Andrea Poljak, Grammar School „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”

    Jovana Gavrilović, Grammar School „Svetozar Marković”

    Aleksa Gačić, Grammar School „Isidora Sekulić”

    Sandra Zelen, Grammar School „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”

    Milica Ivić, School of Economy „Svetozar Miletić”

    Jovana Jovanović, School of Economy „Svetozar Miletić”

    Elena Kalem, Primary School „Prva vojvođanska brigada”

    Anastasija Lalović, Grammar School „Svetozar Marković”

    Milica Nikolić, Traffic School „Pinki”

    Valentina Milosavljević, School of Economy „Svetozar Miletić”

    Aleksandar Simić, Grammar School „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”

    Lenka Stević, Grammar School „Svetozar Marković”

    Marina Todić, Karlovačka Grammar School

    Mihajlo Tornjanski, Technical School „Mileva Marić Ajnštajn”

    Milica Milošević, philologist, Trebinje

    Goran Vujkov, student of Philosophy, Čurug

    Miljana Pavlović, philologist, Novi Sad

    Danica Stojković, student of Psychology, Prokuplje

    Msr Ivana Manevska, Skopje, North Macedonia

    Ana Vuković, student of Culturology, Novi Sad

    Anđela Raketić, student of Culturology, Novi Sad

    Ines Petković, pedagogue, Leskovac

    Vanja Ostojić, pedagogue, Novi Sad

    Kristina Adžić, pedagogue, Leskovac

    Anja Pitulić, student of Culturology, Novi Sad