Programs for young people represent a special area of work in the Gallery, and with their implementation, we open doors of the museum to youth and indulge in the challenges and innovations they bring. Together with young people, we expand the field of activities in our museum, encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences, experiment, research, learn and grow, and that work is mutually beneficial.

What young people want in and from a museum, is a question no one can answer better than the youth themselves. In addition to programs already created for young people, we allow for creations of new programs through cooperation with young people, and through this process, they assume a more active and direct role in the process of making them come to life.

Youth for Youth Guided tours

If you want to discover how your peers experience the art, as well as works of art from the GMS collection showcased in the Permanent exhibition and at the Temporary Exhibits, join the Youth for Youth guided tours.

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Workshops for high school and college students

In an effort to make the space accessible and attractive to young people and enable them to connect with works of art and the Gallery itself, we develop and organize various programs for school groups and students.

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Радионице за средњошколце и студенте
Галерија као учионица

Gallery as a Classroom

Come, get to know and explore the Gallery of Matica Srpska. Allow your students to think creatively about the material you are lecturing, but in the unique space of the Gallery, in front of the original works of art. Works of art as the starting point, let them question, imagine, apply their knowledge, re-examine and look at it from a different perspective.

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Inclusive programs with the Per.Art Association

Thanks to the cooperation with the association Per.Art and the School for primary and secondary education “Milan Petrović” from Novi Sad, inclusive programs for young people with learning disabilities have been organized in the Gallery of Matica Srpska for over ten years.

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