Museums do not interact with objects, but with people. They are institutions created by people for people.

Barry Lord, museologist


We create artistic and cultural life together, in interaction with you. That is the reason why your opinion is so important to us. In order to meet your needs and expectations, we have prepared a short survey that will help us create “tailor made” exhibitions, programs and events together.


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    Elementary/High School level studentCollege StudentEmployedUnemployedRetired

    For educational purposes

    You came with a friend / child / partner / relative to show him/her the museum, and to see the exhibitions of the Gallery together.You are in the Gallery for the first time.The Gallery is one of the places you wanted to visit in search of a new experience.You wanted just to enjoy the Gallery and get away from daily routine – to relax in a quiet and pleasant environment.It was important for you to come to the Gallery for yourself, to grow culturally.You think that it is important for people to visit museums – you believe that it is the responsibility of every resident to follow and attend cultural events, and that is the reason you came to the Gallery today.

    (5 - excellent, 4 - very good, 3 - good, 2 - satisfactory, 1 - unsatisfactory)

    a) Permanent Collection 12345

    b) Current exhibition 12345

    c) GMS shop 12345

    d) Setting/Environment 12345

    e) Employees 12345


    (1 - I did not feel, 5 - I felt strongly)