Listening to children, taking a peek into their world, understanding them, encouraging interest towards the world of art, and bringing them closer to the works of art that are kept in the Gallery, is one of the visions with which we approach the design and implementation of educational programs for children.

Explore our collection, discover a wealth of themes and ideas and, with curators and museum educators, revive works of art that live under the roof of the Gallery.

Деца предшколског и раног основношколског узраста

Preschool and elementary aged children

Thanks to the educational programs that we have been implementing for more than a decade, over 40,000 children have experienced the Gallery of Matica Srpska, especially the Children’s Room, as their own space, and continued to visit it.

The sense of belonging, pride and satisfaction with which they return and walk through the Gallery is the greatest confirmation of the success of our work.

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Gallery as a Classroom

Come, get to know and explore the Gallery of Matica Srpska. Allow your students to think creatively about the material you are lecturing, but in the unique space of the Gallery, in front of the original works of art. Works of art as the starting point, let them question, imagine, apply their knowledge, re-examine and look at it from a different perspective.

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Галерија као учионица
Креативне радионице суботом

Creative Workshops on Saturdays

Want to discover stories about works of art? Like to socialize, explore, observe, and express yourself creatively? Join us. Observe art. Create art. Learn something new and have fun while doing it!

Every Saturday, a new theme awaits you, inspired by the works from the Permanent exhibition and from the temporary exhibitions of the Gallery.

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Mobilna aplikacija Potraga za blagom

Mobile application Treasure Hunt

Art offers us the opportunity to get to know different historical eras and feel the spirit of past times. 

The Treasure Hunt application is an excellent educational tool for visiting parents with children, because it provides an interesting interpretation of works of art that are in the Permanent exhibition of the Gallery. 

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