Through diverse themes and narratives, the exhibitions pass along different messages of artworks, educating us both about art and their creators.

Kaleidoscope. Artist – Collector – Critic

Connected to one exhibition the Artist – Dragan Stojkov, Collector(s) – Vladimir and Borka Popović and the Critic – Ratomir Kulić point to the kaleidoscope of museum activities where each angle of observation brings a new image and knowledge about the importance and the value of art. There is no art without a painter who creates artworks, there is no purpose if there are no collectors who collect them, and there is no permanence without critics who interpret it and present it to the public. The exhibition is conceived as a unique kaleidoscope through which these three persons intertwine and refract, creating a unique idea of ​​the activities, features and values ​​of the Gallery of Matica Srpska.

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Exhibition opening:
September, 3rd 2021

Exhibition duration:
October, 15th 2021

The Gallery of Matica Srpska, “Milivoj Nikolajević” Exhibition Rooms