Take a break – feel the art

Serbia and the EXIT festival in Novi Sad are well-known for great parties and fun. After a fantastic night at the Petrovaradin Fortress, visit the Gallery of Matica srpska and meet the character of Jovanka Broz, once the first lady of Yugoslavia. Interpretation of the exhibition in English language, will introduce you with social and artistic circumstances in Yugoslavia in a time of Socialism.

Guided tours through this attractive new exhibition in English are organized during the EXIT festival from Thursday, the 7th  of July to Sunday, the 10th of July in two terms: 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. The ticket for a guided tour cost 250 RSD.

During the EXIT festival 2022 the Gallery of Matica srpska prepared a special program Take a break, feel the Art in the Gallery of Matica srpska to promote art to foreign tourists and to familiarize them with a cultural heritage kept in the Gallery of Matica srpska. In addition to a great variety of programs that the festival offers, this year, visitors will have a chance to hear a story about the history of Yugoslavia and enjoy the pleasant ambience of the Gallery. Moreover, the collection of paintings of Jovanka Broz, consists of 36 artworks by Serbian and foreign authors, personal items, photographs, and selected pieces of furniture from the house where Jovanka Broz lived after the death of her husband Josip Broz Tito, the lifelong president of Yugoslavia. The exhibited the artworks has a double meaning: they are art objects that the audience haven’t got an opportunity to see so far, while, on the other hand, they represent an imaginary museum of Jovanka Broz’s memory through which special parts and personal details of her life can be reconstructed.


Starts: 06. July 2022.
Ends: 10. July 2022.



  • Suitable for: all age groups