Migrations in Art – the Art of Migrations

For the first time, audience in Novi Sad will be able to see in one place artworks by leading names in the national art, Uroš Predić and Paja Jovanović, masters of European art El Greco, Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun and Marc Chagall, as well as contemporary artists such as Mladen Miljanović, Vladan Jeremić, Rena Rädle, Safet Zec and Taus Makhacheva.

The exhibition Migrations in Art – the Art of Migrations explores the phenomenon of social migrations reconsidering its historical and present context, the reasons and the effects of migrations on societies and individuals. The idea of this exhibition is to observe, examine and understand the phenomenon of migrations that affects nations and raises many ethical and cultural issues during the current global migration crisis. Working at different levels – temporal, spatial, ethical and others, the exhibition provides us opportunities to reconsider our own attitudes and the attitudes of society, or even civilizational challenges through the language of art. The aim of the exhibition is not to provide viewpoints on the phenomenon of migrations, but to create a space for social dialogue regarding the phenomenon, through the selection of representative and interesting examples of artistic creation. Such a space would enable us to take on notions such as fear, (lack of) empathy, (miss)understanding, contradiction and human compassion.

Curators of the exhibition are Danilo Vuksanović, Jelena Ognjanović and Luka Kulić. The exhibition is followed by eponymous catalogue as well as publication (Re)views of Migrations. Essays on the phenomenon, by Aleksej Kišjuhas, PhD, Branko Bešlin, PhD, Danilo Vuksanović, Sandro Debono, PhD, Jelena Ognjanović, Luka Kulić and Vladimir Gvozden, PhD.

The exhibition wouldn’t be possible without cooperation with the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Slovenia, National museum in Belgrade, National Museum in Pančevo, as well as artists Mladen Miljanović, Vladan Jeremić, Rena Rädle, Safet Zec and Taus Makhacheva.

The exhibition is realized in the program arch Migrations of the European Capital of Culture, and it is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Foundation Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture and Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities.

Friends of the exhibition: KARE Design, Yugoslav Cinematheque, Serbian National Library, AVL Project, Radio-television of Vojvodina, Radio 021, Radio AS FM, Radio Beseda, Naxi Planeta Radio, NOVA S, Gradske info, Color Press Group.


Starts: 18. February 2022.
Ends: 30. April 2022.



  • Suitable for: All ages