Indulge in Art

GMS | Prepusti se Umetnosti

In order to make your stay and experience of art unique, we have prepared a special room within the Permanent Exhibition space of the Gallery of Matica srpska – a room for indulging in Art. Every month, a different artwork which creates a specific atmosphere waits for you. In the synergy of art, sound, space and light, you will have the opportunity to be alone with the artwork and to experience it in your own way.

Visit us, play with your thoughts and feelings, re-examine them in contact with artworks and let yourself drift away…

In the last few months, various cultural events in our city have been delayed, so the feeling of absence of culture becomes more and more present. However, museums and galleries are places open to the public, where you can still enjoy culture and art swimmingly. Therefore, create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for yourself, visit the the Gallery of Matica srpska alone or with your loved ones and indulge in art. Our permanent exhibition takes you on a journey through Serbian art from the moment of the creation of the first icons by traditional Zograf painters to modernists who re-examined and questioned the meaning of the painting itself. Move freely through centuries among the works of famous Serbian artists, find your ideal pace and discover everything you did not know about Serbian art. Indulge and enjoy!